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Moths (Lepidoptera)


A usefull reference is CSIRO's Australian Moths Online, provided through the Atlas of Living Australia. You can use it to search for and investigate moth species:


Another good reference is Butterfly House, which gives all the Australian Moth families:


In the notes provided about individual species, semi-technical terms are sometimes used.  They are briely explained below.

Labial palpi.  These are paired appendages extending from the lower part of the head, on either side of the proboscis.  They provide important information about the family of the moth.

Parts of a moth’s wing:

Costa:  The leading edge of the wing

Inner margin:  The trailing edge of the wing

Termen:  The outer margin of the wing, connecting the costa to the inner margin

Apex:  The leading tip of the wing, where the costa and termen meet

Tornus:   The trailing corner of the wing, where the termen and inner margin meet

Cilia.  Long hairy scales along an edge of the wing

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