Exciting mobile app updates under way

Posted by AaronClausen

 22 Apr 2024

Hi All,

If you haven't already contacted Lewis Choy to join the NatureMapr mobile app test group, please get in touch at Lewis AT naturemapr.org

There are some really cool things happening with the next version of the mobile app.

  • Streamlined way to quickly navigate to your user profile online to view your uploaded sightings
  • Dramatically improved wording and less confusing experience
  • Dramatically improved and streamlined identification screen to help you select a category or species when you are adding a sighting
  • Smoother, less cluttered and less confusing overall app and navigation experience
  • General bug fixed, performance and reliability improvements

We can't wait to get this new version of the app out to you live.

But we definitely also need your help to put it through it's paces so we can ensure the quality of the end product is absolutely top shelf, hassle free and just works.

Please get in touch with Lewis AT naturemapr.org to become a mobile app tester!




AaronClausen wrote:
   22 Apr 2024
WHO IS KEEN TO GET A SNEAK PREVIEW of our new mobile app features?
Choyster wrote:
   23 Apr 2024
This looks pretty @AaronClausen, wouldn't want to miss out!
Choyster wrote:
   26 Apr 2024
Thanks everyone for your interest in testing our new update, testing sign-ups have now closed!

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