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Posted by AaronClausen

 3 Mar 2024

The Threatened Species Commissioner wants to know what some of your favourite digital innovations for wildlife conservation are..

If you love using NatureMapr, it would be amazing if you let the Threatened Species Commissioner Facebook community know by posting a comment here!


brunonia wrote:
   4 Mar 2024
NatureMapr is utterly essential for the processes I use to create the Friends of Grasslands activities program. I use more than one aspect of NatureMapr, including the maps, the plant descriptions, the text, the dates for flowering times, images for less commonly photographed parts of plants to aid identification, and the common names. NatureMapr's powerful search facility is a dream to use.
margotallatt wrote:
   4 Mar 2024
I have an interest in identifying plants and recording species when I’m out hiking or camping and NatureMapr is a fantastic app to use. The streamlined process makes it very simple for ordinary citizens to gather data!
BlackFlat wrote:
   4 Mar 2024
We use Nature Mapr to identify plants and animals on our rural property. This helps us understand what habitat our property provides and directs our future actions to improve our biodiversity. It is also a critical monitoring tool, that we refer to often.
RogerF wrote:
   4 Mar 2024
I was involved with Canberra Nature Map form its very start when insects were being added to the range of plants and animal species recorded. As a current moderator for grasshoppers and their allies, the records uploaded by citizen scientists have been invaluable for tracing the distribution and abundance of threatened, rare and otherwise little known species in the ACT and surrounding areas of the Southern Tablelands. This has led to an appreciation of the need to protect remnant native habitats from exploitation and degradation as well as supporting our national parks and nature reserves from weed invasion and the adverse impacts of feral animals that citizen scientists report on CNM. Roger Farrow, Insect & Plant Ecologist.
   7 Mar 2024
NatureMapr is a key tool utilised on our small rural property to identify, record and develop management activities to protect our native flora and fauna species. Over 100 species are currently recorded with over 200 sightings including 4 classed as Rare or Uncommon and another 4 classed as Very Rare/Threatened. The property is known to contain a range of other threatened and endangered species not yet photographed/posted by us. NatureMapr is our primary "go to" resource for flora and fauna information and recording.
KylieWaldon wrote:
   10 Mar 2024
I feel so powerless as an individual about our changing landscape, but during COVID I was introduced to Naturemapr and with my trusty camera I can now contribute and learn at the same time. I've added over 4,000 sightings to 3 Naturemapr areas. I'm just a citizen. I knew a bit about birds, but practically nothing about what else was out there in my local area - even though I've lived here all my life. Contributing has encouraged me to seek out new reserves and get out every weekend and help provide a map of the nature in my local area. Naturemapr doesn't care how common the species is (but tell me if it is unusual which is really helpful), nor the quality of the photo (though I try to take the best I can), and don't complain about the volume as other sites do (I take everything from plants to animals to insects etc). I have learnt so much and want to keep learning. Other sites are out there, but living in the country as I do, access to what is in my local area is very limited. Naturemapr fills a vital gap. I don't want to imagine being without it.

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